Emergence out now!

Marsyas is a progressive rock band and Emergence is their debut album.

The word emergence describes the phenomenon that occurs when a group of things put together creates a new thing, which has different properties from both its parts and their sum.

You can find examples of emergence in music, language, society, biology and anything that presents features that go beyond the simple merging of its components.

Marsyas is:

Lorenzo Pasini → lead vocals, guitar
Francesco Luzzana → backing vocals, bass, programming
Marco Adobati → guitar
Paolo Salvi → keyboard, synths, programming
Omar Ghezzi → drums

Emergence out now!

Coherently with the meaning of the title, Emergence has not a single artwork cover, in fact it has many. The covers of Emergence are drawn by no human being. They are rendered by a software that works with a given set of parameters in combination with random variables. Therefore, the result of the process differs every time and explores the emergent properties of the algorithm.

By purchasing our record on Bandcamp you will receive your own personal cover, a unique image generated for you by the software.

Alternatively, you can download or listen to our music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and most of the stores and streaming services out there. Just remember that you will receive your personal cover exclusively by buying the album on Bandcamp.

The program was designed by Francesco Luzzana.



You can write us at [email protected] or just keep in touch on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.